CBD, is it for me?

While the United States has begun to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, the market has already been able to enjoy the readily available product known as CBD. You have probably heard of someone mentioning or talking about CBD, especially if they have conditions such as pain and or anxiety. Thinking about trying CBD, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe we can clear the air and answer some questions that you might have as well as clear up some of the misconceptions that come along with CBD.

So what exactly is CBD? Well CBD is one of the many active compounds that is found within the cannabis plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive drug that has a plethora of medical benefits. CBT allows the user to take advantage of all of the therapeutic effects without the user having to feel stoned, which is the common side effect of THC.

Is CBD legal? Hampton arrived CBD products, this is any product with less than .3% THC, is illegal on the federal level but still illegal under some state laws. Marijuana derived CBD products are illegal on the federal level but are legal in some states. Make sure you check your state's laws and the places that you travel.

With that being said marijuana derived CBD products or CBD products that do contain THC may be more effective than simply just fiber hemp. Although there is not a lot of research on CBD, the results that have been studied seem very promising and have found that CBD is very effective in providing relief from anxiety disorders, PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and even schizophrenia.

CBD is available in many different types of forms just like THC. You can purchase CBD in the form of oils and tinctures, creams and lotions, capsules in pills, edibles, and even vaping.

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